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Beautiful Brushes - product review

I found myself in need of some really great quality makeup brushes, in bulk and at very short notice for a large corporate workshop. Besides the fact that I needed many mini brush sets, they needed to be good quality and reasonably priced and I'm sure that if you have ever been makeup brush shopping this is not an easy undertaking.

I sent out a Facebook posts and was eventually sent in the direction of Cheryl Keshwar of Featherstroke Brushes. I sent Cheryl a message asking if she could help out on such short notice and also asked if I could see the brushes for myself before I placed the order.

I had heard great reviews from other artists, but brushes are a very personal tool and what may work for another may not work for me.

Without hesitation I was invited around to view the brushes and my life has since improved.

These brushes are great! I had intended on only getting what I needed and landed up leaving with every set and 15 other brush sets for my workshop.

The brushes come in really good quality pouches which are easy to clean, they are sleek and stylish and really great quality.

Brush Sets:

5 Piece Mini Set - This set is perfect for your handbag. It comes in a hard covered pouch with a little mirror and is also a great gift. I love these for workshops too, they are great starter brushes for any aspiring makeup lovers.

10 Piece Eyeshadow Set - If you love blending your eyeshadow this is the set for you. Not only is there every shape brush but the sizes are great too for doing more detailed work to perfecting that soft smokey eye.

4 Piece Large Brush Set -The brushes in this set includes a large stipple brush, large very soft powder brush, plush blusher brush and foundation brush. The foundation brush in this set is fast becoming my favourite foundation brush. I find the brush very pliable and its really easy to clean. My favourite part of this set is the cylindrical brush holder. I absolutely LOVE it. I know put all of my personal brushesd in it and its a great stand for your vanity area.

12 Piece Brush Set - A great variety of brushes for those that are more comfortable with makeup. This set covers all of your basic brush needs. It also comes with a really good quality pouch.

Knowing that there is great customer service witha great product is always a win in my book and I am ever so greatful that Cheryl and Featherstroke offer just that. Whether yoyu are a professional makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Did I mention that the prices are great too?

It's a win win for everyone.

Cheryl Keshwar - |

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