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About me

I am a qualified freelance makeup artist and hairstylist based in Gauteng, South Africa.

Ive been involved in the beauty and fashion industry for around 10 years, starting my journey as a beauty therapist which is where my love for makeup artistry was created.

Beginning my journey with getting friends and family ready for special occasions, I have built up my portfolio of work to include Bridal Makeup, Fashion, Beauty, Creative applications, TV, Corporate Shoots and Corporate and Commercial Video.


Being a makeup artist allows me to indulge in my inner hopeless romantic with brides and all things love related and permits me to chase my dreams of being creative and imaginative in my every day life.


My passion for makeup directs me into a world of high fashion, fast paced life and an ever growing need to keep up in an ever changing industry, while my love affair with wildlife, travel and the world’s natural wonders keeps me grounded and reminds me to slow down.


I am fortunate to share my life’s ambitions with an equally ambitious (did i say super handsome as well) husband Richard and 2 staffies Troy and Abby, while never forgetting to end my day with a hot cup of tea and being grateful for all my life’s blessings. 

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